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We believe America’s automotive heritage is worth saving and celebrating

Join us in ensuring it’s never lost or forgotten. Join us to celebrate and preserve car culture for future generations.

Why we exist

The automobile has made an indelible mark on our society for over a century. At the highest level we celebrate automotive culture and heritage, we’re funding research on the environmental implications and economic impact of enthusiast vehicles; and we’re building up the next generation of enthusiasts.

Photo from Cars at the Capitol exhibit of 2021

Our focus areas


The National Historic Vehicle Register celebrates and documents some of America’s most significant automobiles


Leading the conversation, the Hagerty Drivers Foundation is a thought leader in sharing research about the environmental and economic impact of the automobile


We believe building the next generation of enthusiasts takes a multi-faceted approach that includes funding quality drivers’ education training, and supporting future craftsman and the institutions that offer critical skills needed to succeed

Why give with us

Join us in our efforts to protect, preserve and celebrate automotive heritage because together we can accomplish so much.

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