Our Story and History

Why we exist

The Hagerty Drivers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and celebrating automotive heritage at its highest levels.

We believe that cars are an important part of our history and culture. Loved by millions, enthusiast vehicles and the lifestyle that revolves around them are an important part of our cultural fabric as a society and provide significant economic impact.

We envision a future where all vehicles regardless of age, power source or mode of operation coexist on public roadways.

We are rooted in a legacy of giving

The Hagerty Drivers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization launched in 2021 by Hagerty. With the purpose of celebrating and building our Nation’s automotive archive, leading the conversation regarding its economic and environmental impact, and ensuring future generations have access to funding in the automotive field of education.

The Foundation’s work ensures

Celebrating Automotive Culture & Heritage

National Historic Vehicle Register

The only federally recognized program that records the history of America’s significant automobiles, preserving their information in perpetuity at the Library of Congress

Cars at the Capital

Annual exhibit at our Nation’s Capital to educate and entertain around the automobile being much more than transportation

Share the Ride

Coming in the latter part of 2023, enthusiasts will have the ability to record and share their individual Stories related to an automobile

Leading the Conversation

Environmental Research

Funding and sharing research that result in accurately quantifying the true environmental impact of collector vehicles

Economic Impact

Funding and sharing research that measures national and global economic impact

Alternative Fuels

Funding and sharing research for net impacts of alternative conversions relative to intended use

Building the Next Generation

License to the Future

Providing equal access to all young drivers for quality drivers education training


Funding to accredited training institutions for automotive restoration and preservation


Program support for education programs focused on automotive restoration and preservation


The Hagerty Fund

The idea was simple: $1 from every annual membership for Hagerty Plus (an optional add-on to a collector car insurance policy and the predecessor to what is now the Hagerty Drivers Club®) funded scholarships for students pursuing careers in automotive restoration.

The Collectors Foundation

The mission remained the same, but with a new name and a new executive director to build awareness and garner support. During this time the Collectors Foundation, with help from our growing number of Hagerty Plus members, awarded more than $3M in scholarships to students studying the craft of restoration and preservation. Funding was also given to educational institutions to build out their hands-on training.

Historic Vehicle Association

In 2009, Hagerty founded the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) to ensure that America’s automotive heritage would never be lost or forgotten. And in 2014, in partnership with the U.S. Department of the Interior and Library of Congress, the HVA helped launch the National Historic Vehicle Register to record and protect America’s automotive past in perpetuity. In 2010, the Historic Vehicle Association became the first (and remains the only) North American representative of the Federation Internationale Vehicles Anciens (FIVA).

Hagerty Education Program

After nearly a decade of successful fundraising and growth for the Collectors Foundation, we created the Hagerty Education Program, a partnership with the then known as LeMay: America’s Car Museum. Together, we were able to support even more automotive restoration students with educational scholarships and program grants.

The RPM Foundation

In 2016, the Hagerty Education Program was renamed the RPM Foundationand transitioned to be one of the four organizations under the umbrella of America’s Automotive Trust. Hagerty was a program partner and financial supporter of the RPM (Restoration, Preservation and Mentorship) foundation which continued supporting people pursuing careers in the automotive industry.

Hagerty Drivers Foundation

After five years of a successful partnership with America’s Automotive Trust, we brought our philanthropic efforts entirely in-house and launched the Hagerty Drivers Foundation. From our very first philanthropic efforts in 2003 until now, Hagerty has helped raise over $20M to support car culture through various avenues. And it’s thanks to the power and generosity of Hagerty’s entire community, from employees to members to business partners, that we’re able to continue supporting car culture – preserving its past and securing its future.

The Hagerty Fund
The Collectors Foundation
Historic Vehicle Association
Hagerty Education Program
The RPM Foundation
Hagerty Drivers Foundation