1952 Porsche America Roadster (Type 540)
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1488cc opposed 4-cylinder, 70 hp/80 lb-ft
Original engine
Body Style
Exterior color
Fire Red
Interior color
Light Grey
Vehicle history

The “America Roadster” No. 12336 is one of less than 20 special built Porsches specifically for U.S. racers thanks to the impetus of importer Max Hoffman and famed racer and dealer, John von Neumann. Neumann and Hoffman recognized the potential competition and sales success for a modified roadster in the burgeoning sports car crazed post-war U.S. and rallied the upstart German automaker to build a more competitive model than their standard 356. Josie von Neumann, raced this America Roadster after it was sold by her stepfather to entrepreneur John Crean. Josie took home victories in the America Roadster as she began her short career, besting many behind the wheel of some of the most significant European racecars in the 1950s California racing scene. The America Roadster helped launch Porsches success and longstanding heritage as a competition leader.

1952 Porsche America Roadster (Type 540 Aluminum Roadster)

National Historic Vehicle Register No. 34

Paint and exterior
The car features Fire Red paint and has been restored by marque experts, Road Scholars. It is the only one of the America Roadsters originally finished in red.
Upholstery and interior
This vehicle’s interior has been restored featuring light grey leather upholstery.
The Porsche features a longitudinally mounted, naturally aspirated opposed 4-cylinder engine that produces 70 horsepower with two single-barrel Solex carburetors.
This vehicle was originally owned by John Crean and raced by Josie von Neumann. It is now owned and exhibited by the Ingram Collection.
Wheels and tires
The car features 16-inch steel wheels with bias ply tires.
Hydraulic aluminum drum brakes.
The Porsche has a four-speed transaxle, driving the rear wheels.