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Inline, 4-cyl./60hp 1bbl
Original engine
Body Style
Exterior color
Interior color
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Vehicle history

This Thomas Flyer was the winning car in the 1908 New York to Paris Automobile Race. It is one of only three of the six competitors that completed the competition and was the only American car entered. Driven by Montague Roberts and George Schuster, the Thomas traveled more than 22,000 miles over 169 days and encountered extremely difficult conditions. The 1907 Thomas Flyer beat the nearest rival by 26 days. Its victory made a profound impact on the fledgling American automobile industry and brought world-recognition to our country. It is an exemplary automobile from the first decade of the 20th Century that proved itself in the most grueling possible competition. Noted collector, William Harrah, purchased the car from Henry Austin Clark and embarked on a masterful restoration of the Thomas in the 1960s with help from George Schuster. Disney set builders were brought in during the restoration to help age the car and give it a “just-raced” appearance. NHVR No. 12 HAER No. NV-49

Paint and exterior
This vehicle is in restored condition. It was repainted in the 1960s and then immediately patinaed to give it an aged appearance.
Upholstery and interior
This vehicle’s red leather interior is in restored condition though it features a fake patina to give it an aged appearance.
Thomas Flyer built, inline 4-cyl., 60 hp engine with 1bbl carburetor. Restored/Rebuilt.
The Thomas Flyer drove countless miles traversing the world in 1908 It is now on permanent museum display but is driven in occasional events. Its total mileage is unknown.
Wheels and tires
28" wood spoke wheels, 36x4 Universal bias-ply tires
Rear-wheel mechanical drum brakes
4-speed manual transmission with double-chain drive